Here is some helpful information for the questions you may have. Please contact me here if you would like to discuss anything in more detail.


How many sessions do I need to come for?

Each person progresses at their own rate. Depending on your concern, sessions may be weekly, biweekly, monthly or occasional. For example, a maintenance program for Reflexology might be once a month, but if we were working on chronic foot pain, multiple sessions early on would be needed, and then a maintenance schedule could be implemented.

For balancing your whole system, Touch for Health® sessions would be useful on a monthly basis for the first couple of months, and then every couple of months thereafter.

All sessions are geared for you and your goals.


Tell me more about how you can help me reach my goals!

There are a few different techniques that we may use that will help you more easily reach your goals.

Working with the Emotional Stress Release points, which are acupressure points on your forehead, we can reduce anxiety and tension that relates to your goal.

Having a Touch for Health® session will balance your entire mind/body connection geared toward that goal.

TRUE STORY: one of my friends came to me to help reduce her sweet tooth and make better food choices. After a single Touch for Health® Goal Balancing session, her cravings for sweets were gone for almost 3 months!


What kind of training do you have?

My background in holistic training is quite diverse, so that I can offer you many different techniques to support you physically, mentally and emotionally in your own path through life.

I have studied many Energy Medicine / Energy Healing modalities, Touch for Health®, Quantum-Touch®, Rahanni Celestial Healing®, Reiki, Access Bars®, Reconnective Healing®, Chakra Balancing, Emotional Freedom Technique®.

I have studied many hands-on modalities including Reflexology and Animal Massage. My “muscle monitoring” training has been extensive – Brain Formatting; Touch for Health®; Muscle Tuner™ Specialist; Healing with Sound, Colour and Light, Balancing Burnout, and more.

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What kind of health issues can you cure?

Holistic Health Practitioners cannot claim to “cure” anyone, nor are we allowed to diagnose. Our purpose is to support you in your own healing journey.

Holistic Health modalities are designed to “balance” your body, mind and soul. The emotional impact of stress and trauma can be reduced; your body, through the nervous system, can relax; you can function more easily throughout your day.

How quickly a person “heals” is due to variables we do not control - some of the variables that determine healing:

  • Nutritional needs - does your body have the resources

  • Time - some things take time

  • Toxicity in the body

  • Emotions and/or Mental mindsets that resist change


What is our initial appointment like?

At our first appointment, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire form and we will chat about your concerns, your goals, and what modality, or modalities, might be the best.

You remain fully clothed at all times, however for a Reflexology appointment, your shoes and socks are removed.


How long before I see results?

Many of my clients see results in 1 session – their range of motion is increased, pain is decreased, or they feel more relaxed yet energized.

However, where you are in your own healing journey is individual to you. “Results” will also depend on the severity of your problem; whether we can get close to the root cause; whether you are willing to let go of self-limiting beliefs or emotional blockages, and so much more.

Sometimes, symptoms can even worsen before they begin to improve.

One client came to me because his hands were in pretty bad shape with arthritis and he was in severe pain most of the time (9 on a scale of 1-10). Using Quantum-Touch® Energy Healing, the pain in his hands reduced to about a 7. However, about an hour later he reported that the pain in his knees, which he had had for many years, had disappeared.

This example shows that your body decides where and what will be helped, so in some cases, if you come to see me for Issue A, Issue B improves instead.

Emotions play a huge role also – there is always an underlying emotion that plays a part in an injury or illness. We may have to work with that first before you see “results”.


Can I come in for more than one modality in the same session?

Yes. For example, one of the unique qualities of Quantum-Touch® is that it elegantly works in conjunction with any other healing modality. Some of my clients combine Reflexology and Quantum-Touch®; some combine Chakra Balancing with Emotional Freedom Technique™; some combine Touch for Health™ with Reflexology or Quantum-Touch®.


What is ‘muscle testing’?

Simply put, Muscle Tuning™ and Touch for Health® muscle monitoring is a system that uses manual muscle bio-feedback (“muscle testing”) to identify imbalances in the body’s energy system and the neuro-electrical-muscular communication pathways.

Imbalances can be caused by physical or emotional stressors. Once found, we re-balance and correct those imbalances by activating certain reflexes.

An indicator muscle becomes a monitor of stress and imbalance within the body. We do not test the “strength” of a muscle, in fact very light pressure is exerted. We are looking for imbalances in the body’s energy system (the neuro-electrical-muscular connections).

As an example, if we can’t easily hold our arm up when light pressure is exerted, there may be an imbalance or blockage in the connection between the brain, the nervous system and the muscle - caused by any type of stressor.

If there is such an imbalance, we can apply a correction that helps reset and re-balance the connection. By balancing the energies of the body, we encourage and support your body’s intrinsic healing process,


Do you work with cancer patients?

People undergoing treatment can definitely benefit from holistic therapies like Reflexology, Touch for Health®, and Quantum-Touch®. These and other modalities help reduce stress, get your body functioning better, re-balance your system, and help balance your emotions, so that you are better able to face the medical procedures.


Who is your typical client?

I work with all different types of people. Some clients feel just a little off or unbalanced, or are looking for a simple “tune up”. Some clients simply want assistance in maintaining their own health, or may be looking for guidance in their own personal self-discovery and healing path.


Still have questions?