Missed Appointments:

Please provide us with 24 hours notice if you cannot make your appointment. If you have missed more than one appointment without providing us notice, you will be asked to pre-pay for your next appointment. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Appointment Times:

You have been given a set amount of time for your session. If you arrive late, your session time will be adjusted for the remaining time set aside for you. We would ask that you try and be on time and to notify us if you think you may be late.

Arriving for your Initial Appointment:

There will be a two page form for you to complete at your initial assessment, so we would appreciate your arriving a few minutes early to have time to complete the form. You can ask to have this form emailed to you if you would prefer to complete it at home, and bring it with you.

Forms of Payment:

Currently, we accept Cash, Cheque and E-Transfers

Harassment / Discrimination / Bullying Policies:

Harassment, bullying, verbal or physical abuse, or any form of discrimination will not be tolerated towards your practitioner or other patrons.

Zero Tolerance Policy

All sessions and appointments are health-related in nature.   No sexual conversation or behaviour will be tolerated at anytime. Any inappropriate words, jokes, or suggestions will result in the immediate termination of your appointment. Clients that have sessions terminated due to inappropriate behaviour will be charged the full fee and subsequent appointments will be denied.


Below is a list of basic services and prices. Sessions are tailored to you, as an individual and we may decide that a combination of services, or a series of different sessions focusing on specific modalities, will be the best for you.

Together, we will work toward your goals so that you have greater control over your health and well-being, function better in your day-to-day life, and feel empowered. Look forward to:

Balanced Emotions

Stress Reduction

Reduced Pain and Tension

Better Range of Motion and Ease in Moving

Greater Ease in Reaching your Goals

Reduced Fears, Phobias and Anxieties

At-home Tools to Help you Deal with Chronic Conditions

Increased Vitality

Better Focus, Clarity and Concentration, and so much more


  • Each Reflexology session is 1 hour, and includes an essential oil
    warm foot bath $ 75.00

  • Packages of Four (4) Reflexology sessions are available, and can be
    split between Two (2) clients $250.00

Quantum Touch Energy Healing / Chakra Balancing

  • Sixty (60) minute session $ 90.00

  • Ninety (90) minute session $120.00

  • Package of 4 Sixty minute sessions $320.00

  • Package of 4 Ninety minute sessions $420.00

Muscle Tuner Sessions - Get Your Muscles Tuned Up!

  • Sixty (60) minute session $ 90.00

  • Ninety (90) minute session $120.00

Touch for Health Sessions

  • Sixty (60) minute session $ 90.00

  • Ninety (90) minute session $120.00

  • 2 Hour session $150.00

Combination Sessions will be charged on on time spent

  • Sixty (60) minute session $ 90.00

  • Ninety (90) minute session $120.00

Animal Sessions / House Calls

  • Mileage costs and travel time fees may apply depending upon your location.
    Arrangements are made on an individual basis.