Holistic therapies are designed to help the entire person - mind, body and soul - and not just the symptom. If you are looking to take more control over your own health and wellness, check out this site.

Holistic services are not a replacement for regular medical care, but they are a great addition. My cozy office is set up for you to relax and let your worries fall away, so you can focus on your own healing.

Sessions help to balance the body by releasing blockages and restore the flow of energy, giving you a greater sense of well-being; more flexibility and strength with less pain, reduced anxiety and balanced emotions.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

Working Together

This site has a lot of information on it, and I invite you to take your time looking around.  As a holistic health practitioner, I follow the “self-responsibility model”. 

To empower ourselves and others to be responsible for developing
self-awareness, health and well-being.

This means that you are your best advocate, and you are in control of your own well-being.  That is why it is so important that you trust your holistic health practitioner – you need to feel listened to and heard.   

I would love to work together with you, to make your life better! One of the biggest questions you can ask yourself is: 

“What do I want better in my life?”

This can help you determine what direction you want to go in, and what you might need some help with.  One step at a time, together, let’s get your life where you want it to be!

If after looking around, you have any questions, hit the Contact button and send me a message.

If you are unsure of what might help, or having a tough time deciding, together we can determine what your priority issues are and where we want to start.

Manage Everyday Stress

Stress affects our ability to think clearly.  It shuts off our ability to concentrate and focus.  And it even impacts our physical coordination and our emotional balance.

Do you just need some time to relax?  A soothing Reflexology session can help relax your body and mind, allowing your system some much-needed “me time”. 

Foot Pic.jpg

Are you looking to smooth out your emotions and your energetic body?  Try a Chakra Balance!

Are you looking for tips that you can use at home to help you power on your brain and body?  Drop me a line!


Goal Setting

Are you looking for some support in reaching your goals?  We all know that goal setting should be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound, but . . . . sometimes that’s not enough! 

If your WHOLE being was vibrationally attuned to your goal, it would be a whole lot easier for you to attain that goal.  Come in for a Goal Setting Balance, and get your brain, body, mind, emotions and spirit tuned to one specific goal.

 -         weight reduction
-         manage cravings
-         quitting smoking
-         sticking to an exercise program
-         personal growth
-         break that procrastination cycle.


Phobias, Fears, Anxiety?

Do you suffer from general anxiety? Do you have specific fears like asking for a raise, or speaking in public?

Our bodies hold on to past trauma and fears, interfering in our ability to fully move forward in our lives. Releasing those past traumas and fears in a safe environment can provide us with a new lease on life. 

Book a couple of sessions to clear out many of those emotional blocks, and learn at-home techniques you can use in between visits.


Athletes, Yoga Enthusiasts and Dancers!

Having your muscles Tuned Up™ will allow you to reach your fitness goals faster and easier. Muscle Tuner™ Sessions can reduce the risk of injury and increase your coordination so you can train harder and get better results! Check out the “Muscle Tuning” page under Services.

Muscle Tuning is not just for athletes - it’s for all bodies! And I am available to come in to your fitness club for demos.

Your body parts don't work in isolation. Groups of muscles work together to lift an object or to allow you to bend down.  When one muscle isn't operating at 100%, other muscles take on a greater load. While this allows you to function in your every day life, eventually the muscles that are working harder will start to complain and can become strained and injured.


  • your body holds the neuro-musculo-energetic memory of old injuries, even once those injuries have healed. Clearing out that old memory can reduce current pain, increase range of motion and mobility and help our overall emotional well-being

  • most of our injuries and illnesses have an emotional cause or component; your body can hold onto those emotions.  Clearing them out can give you a better outlook on life