Alison has developed a number of her own workshops, in addition to those she teaches on behalf of other organizations.

She is thrilled to share her knowledge with you. A list of available workshops is below - and she is always developing new Workshops!

APRIL 27, 2019 - Epigenetics Healing Cycles - Your DNA is NOT your Destiny

The new epigenetic science reveals that your perceptions control your biology.   This places you in the driver’s seat, because if you can change your perceptions, you can shape and direct your own genetic expression.  “Your  genetic profile is not your destiny, you can change your gene expression by the things  you think, say, and do, the things you eat, avoid or listen to and what you ponder in your heart.”    Dr. Bruce Dewe, K-Power ®  Co-Founder

In this One Day Workshop you will learn SELF-HELP Techniques you can do for yourself!
• How to help reduce mental and emotional suffering related to Universal Fears, 8 major Job Stressors, and 25 common Relationship Issues

• The basics of Epigenetics - the epigenome is in control of gene expression. You are not a victim.

• The Five Healing Techniques you can use to reduce stress, release old patterns, and open the way to a better you!

Times: 930 am to 530 pm
Where: To Be Announced (Whitehorse)
Cost: $165.00

Available workshops include:

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Quantum Touch® Level 2

Epigenetic Healing Cycles® - Your DNA is not your destiny

Changing Self Limiting Beliefs

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Introduction to Goddess Ritual

Self-Discovery - New Ways to Look at Self Care

Corporate Wellness Mini-Seminars - I come to your organization and provide you and your staff with concrete tools to reduce stress and pain; create better emotional stability; and so much more!

Canine Reflexology / Deeper Bonding with your Dog

Basic Equine Massage & Reflexology / Deeper Bonding with your Horse

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