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What can touch for health® do for me?

Getting the energy flowing again can improve posture, enhance vitality and mental performance – and emotional as well as physical stresses are addressed.

Once your body is “balanced” and stressors are cleared out or reduced, you can more easily reach your goals, move better, regain better posture, reduce pain and anxiety.

Goal Setting is one important aspect of learning and using Touch for Health®. If ALL aspects of your entire being - mental, physical and emotional - are balanced to a specific goal, reaching that goal becomes much easier. Every part of you is now geared toward that goal!

The underlying cause of many of the imbalances and disharmonies are stress and emotions blocking the proper body/mind functioning. Finding and releasing stress can help to clear blockages related to past or present traumas, belief systems, negative thoughts, etc. Touch for Health® Stress Release techniques can be used for your own growth or to help others.

Look forward to improved coordination; better reading comprehension; reduced stress and anxiety; greater well-being and much, much more.

We can also use Touch for Health® to determine whether the foods you eat add energy to your body, or take energy away, and to see whether your body can tolerate the food you are feeding it.

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what is touch for health®?

Simply put, Touch for Health® uses muscle monitoring (up to 42 muscles) as a biofeedback mechanism to determine the balance and flow of energy in your body. 

We use muscle monitoring to locate where stress is held in the body, and then assess how best to release that stress so that the body can heal and reach a higher state of harmony.

Touch for Health® is a communication system - through muscle monitoring, your body gets to say where the stressors lie (emotionally, mentally, nutritionally or physically).

Dr. John Thie, DC, developed Touch for Health back in the 1970`s for lay people to help themselves and their families as a complementary home care program.

Touch for Health® uses a variety of techniques to improve posture, reduce anxiety and stress, and increase our health and vitality and well-being.

Touch for Health® can assess the neurological flow from the muscle through the Central Nervous system to the emotional centres of the Limbic system in the brain stem.  We are checking the muscle’s reaction to imbalances within your system.

Our brains control our bodies through the nervous system, and Touch for Health® has developed many techniques to switch on the neuro-muscular-electrical systems of your body for better physical coordination and mental learning.


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