Working with your beloved animal companions is such an honour for me, and I hold your pet’s well-being in the highest regard!

Bodywork and general healing sessions for your pet are great idea if:

  • Your pet is recovering from surgery or an illness;

  • If there have been major changes in your household - either a new addition; a loss in your family, a move to a new location;

  • If you have a rescue animal or you believe there has been trauma in your pet’s life before you got him or her;

  • If you have a “sensitive” animal;

  • If you are dealing with behavioral issues and training hasn’t made a difference;

Some of the benefits of a couple of sessions can include stress reduction, improved range of motion; reduced pain; greater ease and a happier animal companion. Bodywork, energy healing, chakra balancing and more are part of your pet’s session.

Alison has always loved animals. As a child, she volunteered at Stanley Park Children’s Zoo in Vancouver, and fondly remembers hand-feeding the fruit bat; sitting in the pen with a baby black bear on her lap; and playing with Fudge the beaver. Alison also had the wonderful opportunity to work at a small animal veterinarian clinic in Vancouver as an Animal Health Technician for 6 years before changing careers.

After moving to the Yukon in 1991, she took stock of her life and embarked on a new path - holistic health, healing and caring for both herself and her own animals. This path developed into a passion for helping you and your animals in your own journey.

Alison has developed a number of workshops designed to empower you to help your own companion animal, including:

Canine Reflexology / Deeper Bonding with your Dog

Basic Equine Massage & Reflexology / Deeper Bonding with your Horse

Canine and Feline Touch for Health® and Acu-Points

Introduction to Animal Communication

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