Interested in becoming a certified Quantum-Touch® practitioner or

a licensed Muscle Tuner™ Specialist yourself?


Licensed Muscle Tuner™ Specialist

Muscle Tuning is a system of balancing muscles that is fast and can be used at the side of any sports field, event, in a gym or office - anywhere.

Muscle Tuning™ is a valuable part of a wellness program. It can help your clients gain more strength, flexibility and range of motion to maintain a healthy body.

Help your clients see immediate results, achieve their fitness targets faster than ever, and become “functionally fit” to perform everyday movements easily?

Muscle Tuning “activates” muscles so they can feel and see results right away.


Do you want to become a Certified Quantum-Touch® Energy Healing Practitioner?

The basic steps are to take two Level 1 courses with any instructor(s) worldwide, and one Level 2 course. This can be the official Level 2 course or the Self-Created Health course.

You will also need to complete a 90 hour practicum. While there are a couple more steps, these are the basics.

Please note this information is current as of 2018. Practitioner requirements may change, so please always check


Do you want to learn Quantum Touch® for yourself?

Do you want to learn an easy and amazing energy healing technique? Quantum-Touch® Energy Healing is it!

Level 1

You don't need any special tools, and you don't need to see auras - Level 1 is for anyone who wants to help themselves or others! Quantum-Touch can;

- reduce pain and inflammation,

- re-align bone structure.

- balance emotions,

- and so much more.

Once you've learned to use Quantum-Touch®, it will be yours for a lifetime. It’s wonderful to know that you have something of enormous value you can do for other people.

You can use it for self-healing, in person, or at a distance on loved ones. Health care professionals find that Quantum-Touch enhances or even transforms their practice, yet this is an ideal and simple skill for the total novice.

Quantum-Touch links breathing and body awareness techniques to help people raise the vibration in their own body and hands. These are natural exercises that everyone can easily do; the ability to assist in healing is an innate gift that we already possess.

Level 2

In Level 2, you will learn how to expand your Quantum-Touch abilities working with the body, new ways of running energy and using energy; how to work with non-obvious muscles and tendons, healing trauma, working more deeply with Chakras 8 – 12, and much more.