Reflexology a great way to pamper yourself and your tired achy feet - and it can help a wide range of chronic conditions like headaches, digestive concerns and poor sleeping patterns, without the use of drugs.

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Reflexology uses manual thumb and finger-walking techniques to apply pressure to specific reflex areas. 

This stimulates the complex neural pathways linking all the systems of your body, supporting your body’s efforts to function optimally.

The effectiveness of reflexology is recognized worldwide as a distinct complementary practice within the holistic health field (as defined by the American Reflexology Certification Board, the National Council for Reflexology Educators and the Reflexology Association of America).

Reflexology reduces stress and tension - medical doctors acknowledge that stress is frequently a deciding factor in our health. 

How it can help you!

Reflexology can:

  • improve immunity;

  • increase circulation;

  • reduce PMS symptoms;

  • reduce anxiety, tension and pain;

  • reduce headaches;

  • promote better sleep;

  • improve digestion and helps with IBS;

  • relax the nervous system;

  • help with depression;

  • improve the quality of life for cancer patients

Who can benefit from Reflexology

Everyone can!  Reflexology can be conducted on babies, children, adults, seniors.  It is a safe, non-invasive, hands-on therapy.

Training and Research

I am one of 2 Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapists here in the Yukon (RCRT Designation), a member in good standing with the Reflexology Association of Canada. This means I am held to the highest standards of ethics and conduct, and am required to complete Continuing Education Credits every year to maintain that status.

And great news! There is research to indicate that Reflexology is beneficial for a number of health concerns:

Anxiety in MS and Heart patients:

Fatigue in Pregnant Women:

Pain Reduction during Labour:

True Story!

One of my clients had recently undergone major surgery, and was in a lot of pain: pain that was only barely managed by heavy duty painkillers.

By about halfway through our first Reflexology session, she had NO PAIN!

I was thrilled to have been able to help her body, and her state of mind. Chronic, unrelenting pain takes such a toll on our bodies and our minds!

How it works

Reflex points in the hand or feet correspond to all parts of your body - organs, glands, skeleton, muscles, joints. In this way, it works all parts of your body, and all systems - revitalizing, rejuvenating and balancing your body.  Reflexology:

  • triggers the parasympathetic nervous system (the rest and relaxation response);

  • balances the flow of energy in the body;

  • releases endorphins to provide pain relief and a sense of well-being.

Reflexology helps to detoxify the body, and helps to maintain health, by getting closer to normal functioning and thereby healing itself. 

If your objective is relief of stress and tension, or a purely blissful relaxing experience, then how frequently you indulge in reflexology is purely up to you.  It is not possible, if you are basically healthy, to indulge in too much reflexology.  However, if you are looking to help with overall health or specific conditions, we can discuss what frequency will provide you with the best results. 

Reflexology tends to be cumulative, so depending on your goals, starting with more frequent sessions for the first few weeks frequently garners better results.  

Reflexology is a wonderful work-place therapy treat!

Did you know that many employers are striving to provide healthy working environments for their employees? Many companies offer on-site complementary therapy treatments that employees can choose to take advantage of.

Work related stress accounts for thousands of lost working days.  Tackling stress in the workplace can have a positive effect on:

  • employee commitment to work

  • staff performance and productivity

  • staff turnover

  • staff recruitment and retention

  • organizational image and reputation

Options include employers and employees sharing the cost; employers paying for entire treatment; or employees covering the cost of their own treatments. 

Give me a call to discuss on-site therapy options in your workplace!


Looking for a relaxing, health inducing experience?

Come in for your personalized Reflexology session.